Jet 2 - By This Time Next Year



By This Time Next Year is the latest album from rapper Jet 2. This is a musical voyage impressively touching an array of subjects on what’s been happening in the last five years since the last release of the Lie Out Loud EP. Subjects span from dealing with everyday challenges regarding women, lack of success, and even police brutality. Spanning fifteen tracks the listener is in for an almost movie like experience due to the amount of detail left with the listener. Expect production from multi-platinum producer Eliot Bohr, Jerri Jheto, Orion Eastmond, Gerard Spencer, and Chayyim Synigal.

The artist born Jonathan Ihejeto produced 80% of the album and mixed the projectin entirety himself. These skills were developed at the Musicians Institute where the rapper studied music production and recording. Born into a musical family, starting off as a drummer the emcee began rapping a little over a decade ago. With this release Jet 2 is finally making a name for himself after years of sharpening skills. This is a project created with intentions of playing from start to finish. After the defining introduction track Family First, it will be difficult to hit the spacebar to prevent the album from blaring.

“I'd like to thank everyone that has been a part of this journey. The greatest blessing for me is to be able to share my passion, heart, soul, pain, and joy with y'all and inspire. I want to say, fuck the police and big-time fuck racism and systemic oppression. With that being said, Rest In Peace to all the soldiers who lost their lives to gangbanging. I hope this album provides an alternative perspective to gang culture. I know it won't all end in a day, but hopefully this can be a catalyst to the beginning of a reform. To the listener, the biggest message I want you to take from the album is, "you were born rich." I love you all. We're gonna shatter records, but it's regular.” - Jet 2

A batch of singles has been released in preparation for the body of work which were met with moderate success. The only thing missing is a slew of videos which Wrekless plans to release in the very near future. Jet 2 is boasting countless bars, original flow, and natural melodies on every instrumental. This is an album that you do not want to leave out of your personal collection. Ihejeto is known for wordplay that rhythmically tells a story through each syllable. Each song nudges the listener to dig deeper on multiple outlooks of life. Ihejeto draws a variety of inspiration into his musical view to permit his own influence of inspiration with each listener.

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