Larry Bull’s “Legendary” is a Time Capsule for all the Legends in his Life

Larry Bull realized it was time he dropped his third album, the day he found out he was going to be a father.

He knew the project was going to be called "Legendary" the day his girlfriend agreed on naming their son, Legend.

The project got even deeper the day he lost a true legend: his father.

Larry Bull's music career has been nothing but exceptional. From his days as the witty and eccentric extension beside Ar Wesley and Mike Regal, to rap battling his way through local and national leagues. His artistry and lyrical ability continue to grow exponentially.

The Larry Bull that appeared on his first project "Levels" would eventually become the infamous battle rap persona opponents learned to fear and fans would begin to love. The 2017 debut project showcased his bars and punchlines layered in humor and energy.

His second project, "The Paper Route," was his time to experiment with new sounds, try different flows and flex his status as an artist. While the themes were braggadocios, he pledged to always have music with a message.

While constantly in-and-out of the studio in 2019, he was also building his name in the battle rap community alongside his Hoodlum Gang brothers: LL Coogi, Hoodlum, Jay Lopez and BMB Mike G.

Whether it was making his opponents physically leave the building mid-battle, to earning the Underground Battle League (UBL) championship belt, he went toe-to-toe with some of the best in Milwaukee, Midwest and eventually across the U.S.

After releasing his "No Money" and "Black Conscience" EP's, he felt it was time to give his fans a life update.

"It was time to fully grow up," he said. "'Legendary,' it's self-explanatory. Everything behind losing legends, having my son, it all came together."

Larry Bull released his third full-length album "Legendary" on Sept. 24, 2021.

"It's the reflection of the last three years of my life. I moved out, my father passed away, I became a father and created my own life growing as a rapper and battle rapper."

He said this project was him transforming into the full-fledged artist that he knew he always was. He wasn't just a rapper, and he wasn't just a battle rapper.

"It's the embodiment of the two coming together as one to make a full person, infused with what was already there—the positive energy, poetic style of writing and voice that I avoided," he said.

Larry Bull is an open book on "Legendary." He addresses his triumphs like signing a distribution deal, and dives even deeper into his trials like having a falling out with family after his father died. He wanted to be transparent as possible, especially with his messages to listeners.

"Everything I'm talking about, if I didn't settle it by myself, I can't tell you to handle it that way," he said. "We are the teachers now, and a lot of people look down on the youth, but only a few people in his generation understand why they're like that or have empathy."

He said the production was really about "the grooves and the vibes." Whether it's melodic track like "Playground," or boom bap inspired cut like, "Original," he floats over a cohesive sonic palette.

While giving shine to hip-hop greats with a rendition of DMX's "Slippin'" on the track "BLACK ICE," Larry Bull also pulls inspiration from the current generation. Basic song structure went out the window. A one verse song can go for three minutes as different cadences and flows give the listener that same ear candy they're looking for with a hook. He said he also added more singing on the project, which might be new to fans, but has always been part of his repertoire.

Between his father's voicemails scattered across the project, to his son on the Notorious B.I.G. inspired cover art, the album is a stamp on his growth and a time capsule for the legends in his life.

"I owed people an album like this," he said. "It's way more grown, it's the gems."

The 15-track project features Iam.Hymn, Aliesa Nicole, Mocity. Production includes Mikeaknight_Beats, Mike Regal , Kofi Cooks and Money Bags.

"Legendary" can be found on all streaming platforms. Follow Larry Bull on social media.

"Legendary" is available on all streaming platforms.