Little Simz – Venom (Remix) Song

Allf the UK, Little Simz has been making a huge impression on the hip-hop world. Fans are finally starting to catch on to her talent, and now, she is getting some massive looks. The artist recently had a cameo in the new Venom movie, and one of her songs is also in the film. That song is, you guessed it, a track called "Venom."

This is actually a song that was released a few years ago, although now, it has undergone some changes to fit the theme of the movie. It should be no surprise that this track was chosen when you consider how it contains some cinematic production and some fearsome lyrics that showcase Simz's raw talent. 

Overall, it's a great effort from the artist and it's something that fans are bound to enjoy.

Quotable Lyrics:

In a world where the love isn't free
Through the lies and the pain and deceit
See, glitter ain't always gold
They want war but we came for the peace

Little Simz