Luo Rap Sensation Japesa Says Women Drool Over Him During Concerts: "I Can't Manage All of Them"

Luo rap sensation Japesa has said that several women usually approach him to flirt with him.

Narrating this experience to, the flamboyant rapper  said sometimes he has to use his money to evade such traps.

Dealing with slay-queens

Japesa said he can't entertain the stalkers and remain relevant in his pursuit to advance his music career.

"They are crazy I tell you. I've had several women follow me even from shows I've been to. I think it all boils down to who you really are. I just stay true to myself. I have paid their fare back home because I don't just roll like that.
Am a brand now, anything I do out here might show up on the news so I have to tread carefully. You can't manage all these women and still be on point," he said.

The 27-year-old artiste added that apart from women stalking him, another setback is that older members of society don't appreciate his music. He explained that they are opposed to it because it is a genre associated with the young generation.

Japesa makes up to KSh 150k

In other news, the rapper disclosed how he discovered a gold mine in rapping in Dhaluo as he can mint up to KSh 150k per show.

"Luo rap has more money than other raps, If you want to make money in music stick to your culture. I make between KSh 50k and KSh 150K from every concert," he told
Japesa is the voice behind several hit tracks among them ''Obong'o Nyakalaga' featuring Khaligraph Jones, 'Jaluo Oksechi', 'Acknowledge' with King kaka and the latest hit track titled 'Omuoch'.