Rap and dance battle: Bounce hosts ‘The Deccan Hype Vol 1’ in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: As a part of its platform and nurture program, Bounce hosted The Deccan Hype Vol 1, a first of its kind rap and dance battle in Telangana, South Indian city.

Focussing on Deccan Rap, The Deccan Hype Vol 1. started by Sahil Meghani who believes in the growing Hip-Hop culture in Hyderabad, included 15 artists, 2 Emcees, One DJ and rap battles such as Cyphers, Pass the Mic, showcases and more.

About Bounce, the management says, "There are restaurants, there are food courts, there are even playgrounds. Bounce is all of that. With the most unique melange of a vibe, Bounce has always considered itself to be a platform for the young and creative folks."

Ritesh Thodupunuri, owner adds, "Majority of our customers are young adults, college students and teenagers, who are at their creative peak. Bounce aims to be the catalyst for them to nurture their creativity and provide them the platform and amenities to do the same."

The event had Sahil Music, a young rapper popular for his songs – Saanp and Khoobsurat, and Emcee Rohit Deval, dubbed as the top Indian Rapper to watch out for by Red Bull & Rolling Stones India, among others.