PropellerAds MultiTag Review

Over time, publishers has been faced with the problem of having to acquire individual tag for each ad format on their site, thereby makingvit kind of stressful and time consuming. But thankfully, PropellerAds has come up with a solution like they always do by introducing "Multitag".

So, what is multitag? PropellerAds multitag is a universal tag or piece of code that publishers can place on their site which has all the features of other ad formats. This ad tag was created with the sole aim of generating more revenue for publishers!

To get more information on MultiTag, kindly read their blog post on Multitag by clicking on this url

-Easy to install
-Contains all other ad formats, hence ideal for maximum revenue.

-Too many pop ups
-Erotic contents

If you are looking for a way to generate high revenue from your website, i'd suggest you go with Multitag.

NOTE: on the erotic contents, you can contact your ad manager to remove it from your site.