Braveboy Lands Placement on Netflix Series “Selling Tampa”

Caribbean rapper and world fusion artist Braveboy has already got some major moves on as he starts the year 2022. The Trinidad and Tobago singer/songwriter (born Marcus Braveboy) recently got his song "Slow Motion" featured on the Netflix original series, 'Selling Tampa.'

The song was co-written by himself and fellow Trinbagonian Kevin Beharry of the production team System 32), and produced by Andrey Tatarinov and Ty Frankel of Shutdown Music, the upbeat afro-trap single can be heard during the opening scene of Season 1 Episode 5 of the popular, real estate themed reality show.

The show "Selling Tampa" highlights the journey of an all-female cast of real estate agents at the black-owned Allure Reality, based in Tampa, Florida.

This would have been Braveboy's second Netflix placement in two years. In 2021, his song "Clout Chaser" was featured in Season 4 Episode 5 in the Fast & Furious animated series Spy Racers.

When asked about his experience relating to the placement, Braveboy said

"While experimenting with different genres of music in the global market, I came across the world of tv/film licensing. For myself, as a Caribbean-based artist, this is a whole new field of opportunity and one that I plan to continue exploring and hopefully open up some doors for others like me. I wouldn't lie, it's also very surreal and exciting to hear your voice on a popular Netflix show"
Check out the trailer for "Selling Tampa" on Youtube