50 Cent Reportedly Claims Snoop Dogg-Inspired STARZ Series "Is No Longer In Production"

Snoop's "greenlight gang" has been making major moves in television for years, but according to 50 Cent, STARZ has missed the mark on a new potential series. It was just four months ago when we reported on Fif announcing his plans to move forward with a Snoop Dogg-inspired series Murder Was the Case. With hits like BMF, Power, and more under his belt, 50 Cent seemed assured that this would be yet another award-winning series that would further place him on the map of TV production excellence.

Back in 1993, Snoop was infamously on trial for allegedly being involved in the killing of Philip Woldermariam, a rival gang member.

Snoop's bodyguard McKinley Lee admitted to reportedly shielding the rapper from Woldermariam and firing the shots that killed him. After a tense, highly-publicized trial, both Lee and Snoop Dogg were acquitted of murder. This is a story in Hip Hop history that is begging to be told, so when Fif declared his was up for the task, it seemed as if it would be a perfect fit. However, he recently revealed that things have hit a bit of a snag.

According to Fif, "Murder was the case is no longer in production at STARZ. I give them the alley-oop, they drop the damn ball. Anyway I hope snoop tell his story." Fans, too, are hoping to see this tale dramatized on the small screen.