Kodak Black Questions Why Lil Wayne Was Canceled Over Latto Harassment Allegations

Kodak Black is seething that social media users don't have the same energy for Lil Wayne, who is accused of being the rapper who sexually harassed Latto.

If you recall, weeks ago, while promoting her777 album, Latto spoke about the challenges of getting the project together on a deadline and even talked about challenges with one particular artist who gave her hell to clear their song. The "Big Energy'' artist went on to say that the rapper had DMed her expressing romantic interest, but she did not pay him a mind. However, the rapper, whom she declined to name, started giving her problems to clear the same because she didn't entertain him.

Days later, when her album tracklist was released, fans of Latto zoomed in on Kodak Black ,who they claimed was the artist with offending conduct as he has previously said he doesn't work with females unless he can sleep with them.

A verse in the song collab also seems to have hinted at his behavior towards Latto.


The rapper and his engineer have both denied that Kodak was the one who harassed her, but the internet was on their tails. Since then, a new claim arose this week with a podcaster claiming that it was not Kodak Black but rather Lil Wayne who harassed Latto.

Kodak Black, however, is not satisfied with the response towards Lil Wayne as he called out fans for dragging him to filth but not saying much about Wayne.

"My thing is why TF this ain't go viral like that other one when people was just automatically assuming me no reason?" Black said on his Instagram story on Good Friday.

"This lil internet shit krazy y'all stay on a n**** dick dawg be tryna make this perception of me for people to see on this shit when it come to me but fuck ya MONEY GOOD." the rapper added.

The podcaster Mandii B of Whoreible Decisions podcast had revealed her sources cleared Kodak.

"To be fair, Latto did not confirm that it was actually Kodak. I will say, the tea I got… So I don't even know if I can share this tea but it's old now. I actually heard it was Wayne, from someone that knows him."

Latto has not named the rapper who harassed her, and Lil Wayne has not reacted either.