What happened to the music industry?

I think back to the 'Laurel Canyon' days…filled with talent and inspiration. Each and every musician who was a part of that magical time had it 'going on.' Talent was overflowing and everyone seemed to be having such an amazing experience. Friendships formed. Collaborations. Kinship. Oneness. Respect. Love. Admiration…and it had nothing to do with money, youth, looks or how famous they were all going to become.

Those days have long since past.

I have had the pleasure of playing with some of the most brilliant musicians I have ever known…and most people will never even know their names.

Record companies are looking for a large demographic. Usually this up and coming 'star' is willing to be molded into whatever it takes to achieve fame and fortune. Some of these people can not even carry a tune!

When I think of things like autotune, I get a little sick to my stomach.

I suppose everyone has their own definition of talent. It's subjective…to a point…but what about those musicians and songwriters from days gone by who spoke to just about everyone? Some would say it merely spoke to a specific generation, but it was before my time and it still speaks to me. It screams out to me actually… ' This is what music is supposed to be. How it is supposed to make you feel. The lyrics should make you think. The melody should replay on your head. You wonder to yourself…'how did they come up with such a brilliant line…such a brilliant chord change, such a hook…such a beautiful, moving, meaningful song '

Youth is a huge factor. Being marketable is far more important than raw talent. Honest to God…half of the time I can not even understand what they are singing about or if it is infact the actual artist singing at all…

Yes…I'm a purest. And a minimalist. I am drawn to raw talent. I do not like glossy, overproduced music. I like words with meaning. A melody line you want to sing along to. A song that gets stuck in your head and you honestly don't even mind because it earned that place in your mind. It moved you. And it stays with you always.

Lauryl Canyon has long since past. I wish I had been a part of it and in my own way, I was. I played with talented, funny, kind, brilliant, open minded, deep, progressive and beautiful people. I am so grateful for the experience. We made it our own. We had our idols..and rightly so…

So where are the idols of this generation of music? I haven't seen the likes of one for quite some time and it breaks my heart a little…but hey…I'm just a sentimental, silly, sensitive girl…what do I know? No one who is successful in the industry seems to be complaining…they are still getting platinum records…

I'm just not exactly sure why…

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