Moist Club agog as Afri Nero thrills with old school tunes

 It was memorable Friday night as Afro Nero Band thrilled fun seekers to no end at Moist Club, Oniru Beach, Lagos recently.

The calm, peace, beautiful ambience of the club added glamour to the evening as the band brought back memories of good old days with its old skool music.

The activities of the night, however, took a different turn when the leader of the band, Rotimi Otedola stepped on the stage, dishing out highlife fusion from Nigeria and Ghana. It was an indeed an intimate session between him and the guests, who were all entertained with old school tunes in the Afro Nero way. 

Speaking, Rotimi Otedola noted that his band’s focus is to try and give the audience the songs they missed while they were young. It’s an evening of bringing back the old memories. You know, the music industry is now different; everyone is going hip-hop. But Afro Nero plays highlife music, a fusion of mellifluous African rhythms blended with harmonious jazz melodies,” he said.