Word on the street is that Issa Rae wants Lil Kim to be her rap mentor. Issa Rae, 37, said she wants dive into the rap game, according to Power 38 FM. The Insecure creator relates her desires to become a rapper, joining Regina Hall and Lil Kim. She reveals who her rapping partner and rapping mentor would be in a recent interview.

“My answer is easy—Regina Hall would be my rapping partner. She’s the most hilarious. She’s an icon, and I would be honored. I would choose Lil Kim, hands down. She’s also an icon, has been the foundation and the blueprint for so many women who came after her, and she is only to be respected.”

Clearly, Issa Rae is working on her rap shit. It is no surprise that Issa would like to take her talents to the rap game. She is a writer, her abilities shouldnt be undermined at all!

Fans who love and follow the star actress know her journey well. Starting out only on YouTube, Issa Rae managed to make a household name for herself. In 2011, Rae starred in her own YouTube series, “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl”. The show would go on to receive accolades like the Shorty Award for best web series, according to Washington Post. In 2013, HBO would announce a comedy surrounding Issa, Insecure. Over the past decade, Rae would go on to add to her list of achievements for the show.

No doubt, Rae uses her story to bless aspiring Black female producers/writers/directors. She is a phenomenal Black female actress and comedienne, as we all know from her contributions on “A Black Lady Comedy Sketch Show.”