M.Gold - The Basquiat Experiment

 The Basquiat Experiment is the latest full-length from the South-Central diamond in the rough. From start to finish you have no choice, but to understand the grittiness of the artist birth named Kenroy Miller. Especially when the roots are specifically coming from one of the roughest areas straight out of Los Angeles. It’s not difficult to picture the canvas when art is carefully displayed on every track. An individual whose had no choice to take the hard route when it comes to life. M.Gold has been surrounded by violence and drugs since adolescent years.

This mastermind is in a lane all by himself when it relates to the competition. Gold doesn’t sound like any artist breaking out from this side of the world at all not even the slightest bit. Miller doesn’t write rhymes on phones nor notepads as hinted from one of many standout tracks such as RBW Majik. The talent made sure nothing has been left on the table at all with this release. Every project distributed so far has been adding on to the snowball effect. It’s only a matter of time before the name is household.

The Deluxe Edition comes with a variety of surprises such as features from emerging artist OSBE Chill and Jet 2. The track listing isn’t a stereotypical deluxe release as well. The difference between this release and the standard is the ordering. Not your typical re-release with additional songs at the end of the project. You’ll also notice there is a track missing and the inclusion of different takes within both designs. Carefully crafted to be played from start to finish.