Nigerian fast-rising star AYLØ releases new album titled 'For Good Reasons'

‘For Good Reasons’ encapsulates the trials and triumphs that we as humans face, and the experiences we all intrinsically relate to; be it love, friendships, losing ourselves, finding ourselves, and learning lessons.

Within the first few seconds of the album, AYLO introduces his introspective storytelling, lyrical expertise, and soulful vocals.

Each track opens up a doorway for the listener to have a deeper perspective of his life, whether that be of hazy brown-liquor nights as portrayed by the Wasalu-produced focus track, ‘Tekkers,’; or the aspirational ‘Detonate,’ with its syncopated beats all underpinned within AYLØ and Zirra’s velvety flow.

 Stream the song below to get the melodic cum hypnotic feel of the song