Nonprofit Helping Atlanta Teen Work Towards Music Producing Dream

No doubt America is the land of dreams and possible where you could be anything you want as long as you got the zeal! and willing to put in 100! Therefore, Atlanta teenagers who dream of becoming famous music producers and creatives get A-LIST help, for free! 

”When I met him, I knew this kid is special,” said music producer, Will Hodge “Willy Will.”

Given the right nudge, an Atlanta 13-year-old is taking giant step to a great future in the music biz!

”The nonprofit is called Reaching Early Creatives. It is for students ages 13-18,” said Hodge.

”I love making music. I love the creativity of it. I love being in the studio. It is fun seeing rappers rap to your beats and hear what they can come up with,” said 13-year-old Tamaj Pullen “MAPA.”

”He is a treasure. He is one of those things, that, they don’t come around a lot,” said Hodge.

Music runs in Tamaj Pullen’s blood. His uncle is a famous music producer, Honorable C. N. O. T. E.

”My uncle wrote Signed Sealed and Delivered,” said C. N. O. T. E.

Tamaj’s mentors got trust in the 13-year-old as he is doing something uniquely his own. Tho' he got the vibe and spirit ti make t through - they also know he needs support. That is when Will stepped in.

”I spoke at a couple of churches and his mom caught wind,” said Hodge.
Will has started a project called Reaching Early Creatives.

”My mission was to provide underserved youth with the tools they need to reach their full creative potential; just using music as a vehicle to do so,” said Hodge.
The organization was built to be what music was for Will as a kid.

”It saved my life. Being from the inner city, a lot of my friends were into things they shouldn’t have been into. Between church and music, it saved my life. It kept me from bad situations,” said Hodge, ”I keep my feet on the ground in the community. I go visit churches. I visit schools.”

Kids have to write an essay about why they want to be in the program and Will takes it from there.

”All the important stuff with engineering, mixing, really helped with my creativity, all of that...for free,” said Pullen.
This is a program for creatives, the go getters, the young, the dreamers!