Attorneys with Swag Presents Red and Blue | Video

We know the story too well. Your interaction with the police during a car stop is often dictated by your skin color. White people are free to be themselves without fear. They can talk back to police officers, move their hands freely without consequence and refuse to comply with their orders. But for people who are black, the experience is very different. They can be as quiet, polite, and compliant as can be but still find themselves staring death right in the eyes. 

“RED AND BLUE” dramatically shows the different experiences of both ethnicities and why for some, escape is the only way to survive.With an old school hip-hop vibe like Public Enemy or the Wu-Tang Clan, the music of Attorneys with Swag tackles the same issues addressed by these infamous rap groups, but with a more knowledgeable and modern step-by-step approach to dealing with the law of today.

Attorneys with Swag – a group of young passionate minority attorneys and educators with one mission: empower the masses with an understanding of the law. Not only are they attorneys who rap about the law, they also have a fun, entertaining, and educational web series called “Attorneys with Swag” where they casually and candidly discuss the law over drinks with special guests.