Rapper Big Zulu gets a shoutout from K.O for reigniting SA hip hop

You ever been to a party which is supposed to be lively and all but on the other hand everything seem dreary? Well, the S.A hip hop scene could be likened to that party and for quit sometime it lacked the fun and life that it used to be.

But hopefully, Big Zulu has come to change that and no doubt has got the internet buzzing. The 36-year-old rapper sparked a wave of responses, both negative and positive, after he released a diss track calling out a couple of local stars.

K.O and Kwesta are two of the high-profile rappers to have made a response so far as the hype on social media intensifies. In the midst of all of this, K.O isn’t taking any of the drama personally.

The Skhandaworld boss took to Twitter on Wednesday night to pay homage to Big Zulu for bringing some much-needed buzz to SA hip hop. “@BigZulu_ZN brought back all the excitement SA Hiphop was in dire need of. Respect that man,” he said.

Tweeps have been divided about this with some arguing that beef isn’t necessary to boost the genre.

“I don’t like how you guys are making the consumers & the audience think we can’t have an exciting hip hop scene based off quality music, good relationships & collabs, you guys are making everyone think we need beef to do numbers or to grow SA hip hop which isn’t a true reflection,” wrote @milliswa_.

Others feel that Big Zulu sacrificed himself for the good of the genre.

@Makuaworld wrote: “Big Zulu took a stand and made himself a sacrificial lamb to put SA back to its rightful place. He deserves some credit however I crown @MrCashtime as the king of SA hip hop.”

Pearl Thusi also credited Big Zulu with reviving the genre.

She wrote: “Big Zulu catalysing the revival of SA hip hop around the same time the Zulu King being coronated is kinda dope.”