Talented American Rapper Krazy Attitude’s Remix of ‘Dumb It down’ Makes the Listeners Heads Turned

Young upcoming American rapper Krazzy Attitude releases his newest remix of Lupe Fiasco’s original track ‘Dumb It Down’ and it’s making the fans stay hooked.

The promising and auspicious artist has released his latest remix titled Dumb It Down‘ which is making the listeners addicted. The track originally was sung and published by Lupe Fiasco, and now this emerging rapper did a remix which according to some fans is adding a beautiful essence to the original. Within just a short period of time, the artist has managed to gain alot of followers on various musical platforms and they have been a non stop buzz about the artist’s latest venture. Rightfully so, the artist’s remix of the track speaks volumes about his ability to compose and transform any musical piece and make it his own.

The track is filled with realistic lyrics that make the audience feel powerful and confident at the same time. The lyricism is one of the vital components of hip-hop music and the original track was created by utilizing that component. It has also got groovy beats that created a spectacular experience for the audience, making them keep track on repeat. This near-to-perfection track record, which was published in 2009 left fans thinking it cannot be better. Until this American rapper released his version of the remix on Soundcloud.

The remix version of ‘Dumb It Down’ by the talented artist is making the true essence of hip-hop come back to this generation’s audience. The talented rapper added that little spice which elevated the experience of the listeners while listening to the track. The artist has added further groovy beats that are perfectly paired with the original track creating a furthermore enchanting ambiance.

This is not the first time Krazy Attitude has shown his talent on musical platforms. You can check out his other enjoyable and fun tracks such as ‘Here Comes The Gravediggaz ‘‘I Eat A*s’‘7 Minute Freestyle’‘Heartbreak’, etc. on the musical platform Soundcloud. The remix is also out on the same platform and also the discography of the artist is available on Spotify. For further updates, follow the artist on social media platforms; FacebookYouTubeTwitter, and Instagram.