Zac Z Presents Dragon Fly

 Dragon Fly is Zac Z’s fifth album. It overflows with music: dystopian soundscapes in “Moments Valley” and “Bubble drop“,  hard-hitting blues guitar mashed with drum and bass in “Eye of the Storm” along with other blues rock tracks such as “Jamout” and “Venus Fly”, chilled-out electronic vibes and up-tempo electronica. His gravelly voice roars through tracks like “Rolling Away” and “Ony”.

This range of material is underpinned by a vast array of different
instruments and production techniques. The style is eclectic, electric
and energetic.

Zac Z’s first release, Imperfections (2010), is an acoustic-based introspective meditation on beginnings. Largely rooted in voice and guitar, the double album reflects a young man growing. The album presents a self-taught musician experimenting in loose, freestyle musical form.

Liquid Pepper (2012) places a greater emphasis on production values, moving away from guitar towards pure sound and electronica. Vocals, piano, drums and turntable scratching provide a listening experience that is both chilled-out and heavy at the same time.

Tripsville Tennessee (2020) teams up Deep N Beeper (aka Nick Knatchbull) and Zac Z to bring you musical vibes and an electric humming of rhymes and rhythm. It’s an electronic album mixed with acoustic instruments of all sorts and vocals. There are euphoric highs riding on top of a calm stillness, soundscapes sailing on the serene sea of this record.

Yeti Man Born (2021) accomplishes a reverse arc from incantatory raps playing against a landscape of hip hop beats and innovative sonic textures, to Happy, a love song set to the rhythmical scrape of a solo violin.

Each album has a different take on musical styles and exploring his previous work allows you to see and understand how diverse an artist Zac Z is. He is a multi-instrumentalist and producer. He is also an Artist, and Fashion Designer ( and has been developing in each discipline.