Introducing @Timi-TGB

 Meet Timi-TGB, a 23-year-old  singer and songwriter based in Toronto, ON. Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He is an up-and-coming artist who writes and produces his own music. 

His songs are inspired by his life experiences and reflect his unique perspective on the world. His music is soulful, introspective, and lyrical. His insightful uncomplicated vocals and sound along with entertaining visuals that best represent his storytelling skills have gathered some following across the afro-soul genre in both Toronto and Nigeria. 

"I believe music is like painting a picture, my vocals and songwriting skills are the paint and brushes and the beats are my canvas." - Timi-TGB

 He recently released a joint project with a friend of his Starseed in the summer and have curated a following that is in love with afro-soul music as well as the grungy underground music which is inspired by their African background. 

Timi-TGB also just released a 2 track project that is inspired by photography and Nigeria, his home country. The first track TR-8S/FOTÔ is a song that details a man having a conversation with his photographer arguing about the way the picture was taken, in response to the man’s argument the pictures are doing the talking and asking for peace instead of the photographer. The second song “Gyration” is a dance-inspired song with different elements that bring the old Fela Kuti African shrine party to memory.

Get his latest songs by clicking on this link