Introducing Rap Ivoire


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Alson known as Ivorian Rap and characterised by its upbeat rhythms, catchy melodies and revolutionary lyrics that targests social and political issues, this genre of music of music is gradually gaining popularity in Ivory Coast after Zouglou years and the resounding success of 'Coup-d ecal'.

Back in 2022, 'The Ivorian Booba' a.k.a Didi B sold out at a concert hosted at Palais de la Culture, one of Abidjan's largets concert halls - where a long line of several hundred of his fans came out to watch him perform.

Prior to its widespread acceptance in the late 2010s, the Ivorian music scene was dorminated by 'Coup-decale' but everything took a new turn after the untimely demise of DJ Arafat in a road accident back in 2019.

In a statement issued by a French rap specialist Jean Morel, "Abidjan is becoming a global music hub and it sets the pace for a number of initiatives. There is bridge that has beenn created between Paris and Abidjan - a bit like the one between London and Lagos" he said.

Though predominantly popular in Ivory Coast at the moment, cuple of Rap Artists hope to make a major breakout and hence take this great genre of music to the world at large.

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