Gus, new artist fromThe Netherlands hope his lyrics can help encourage listeners to think for themselves and be open to new ideas without prejudice.

 Meet Gus Walker, an independent artist from The Netherlands, blending reggae and hip hop to define a modern sound as the foundation for his pop songs. Inspired by the principles of love, equality, and unity, I hope my lyrics can help encourage listeners to think for themselves and be open to new ideas without prejudice.

He is a reggae/hiphop inspired alternative pop artist who fancies warm skanks & fat beats.


Born in 1995, Gus Walker is an independent artist from The Netherlands whose music is a modern blend of reggae and hip-hop. In his songs, Gus contemplates the complexities of life with an open-minded message of affection and unity. He encourages listeners to think for themselves, to look critically at the world and be open toward what is different. 


On stage with his seven-piece live band, Gus aims to celebrate a sense of community with his audience, by creating an energizing atmosphere that will make people want to vibe and dance instantly. In anticipation of the release of his debut album ‘Pink Skies’, over the past months, Gus dropped four singles that have received 100,000+ combined Spotify streams to date.

 Gus Walker ́s debut album ‘Pink Skies’ embodies all themes mentioned above. Produced in collaboration with producers Boudewijn Pleij and Lauran Neerincx, ‘Pink Skies’ has been in the works for three years. The threesome carefully crafted a fresh and new reggae & hip-hop fusion with captivating lyrics, solid beats and delightful brass melodies. 

The album is largely written from a bird-eye perspective on society but also contains more personal perspectives and themes, such as love and growth. ‘Pink Skies’ symbolizes faith in a more just society and the preservation of hope
while the world seems to be going up in flames. The album will be available on all streaming platforms from August 11th, 2023. 

Gus and his team wrote and produced all album songs at various locations. The brass section and drums, for example, were recorded at E-Sound Studios (NL), engineered by Thomas Cochrane. The brass section consists of Lauran Neerincx, Isaac McCluskey and Paul van de Calseijde (the exact same trio also works with artists such as DeWolff, Broken Brass Ensemble and Michelle David) whilst Arjen
Grimmius did some of the drum tracks. Besides producing the album, Boudewijn in the studio also took care of keys and bass. All guitars were played by David van den Beld. For the vocal recordings, Boudewijn and Gijs traveled to Normandy (France), to submerge themselves into nature and peaceful atmospheres to capture the feeling and message they wanted to transmit. 

Once Gus and Boudewijn finished mixing, Jeffrey de Gans at DaGoose Mastering took care of the final touch. Last but not least, visual artist Ember van der Lee perfectly visualized the journey of the album with her colorful artwork.