Optimistic Rhymes delivers chronic and levitating flows in "Hold On"

 Meet young talented Brady Alexander, with stage name “Optimistic Rhymes”. According to 'Rhymes, he said that he spent the first half of his life, on a career that didn’t speak to his heart. He worked long hours in the office and was on call 24/7. 


"This pursuit felt empty to me, while also leaving me feeling trapped" - Optimistic Rhymes. 


He held a secure and well paying job in a senior management position at one of the largest Nuclear Energy generating sites in the world. His whole life changed in just over a year ago, when his health took a turn which forced him to really consider his life and where He was spending his energy. 


When this happened, he changed his focus and turned to writing to help process what was happening in his life. At first this started out superficially and focused more on the current timeline, but as he kept writing, he was slowly unraveling a trauma from 20 years earlier. 


Since April of 2023 he has written and recorded over 178 songs which stay true to his Artist name and purpose “Optimistic Rhymes”. He is now on a new journey through life, and he is optimistic that one day soon he will share his thoughts with the world. Through living in the corporate world and navigating a high stress and high tempo environment he has armed himself with the scars and experiences to move into this creative stage of his life. 


I have not just stepped into this new endeavour, I have jumped in with both feet. My desire is to gain the opportunity to share my optimistic messages with the world. I have a large library of material already and I know in my heart that this creative flow has a long future ahead. This is who I am, and sharing optimism through music is my purpose. - Optimistic Rhymes

 Take a moment and stream his song below: