Audrel' Releases Highly Anticipated Debut Single "Not One Day"

On May 3, 2024, Audrel released her highly anticipated debut single, titled "Not One Day." This powerful and emotive blues song is a deep exploration of intense feelings and emotions, expressed with great soul.

"Not One Day" tells the poignant story of someone going through a difficult breakup. Unlike the conventional verse-bridge-chorus structure, this song stands out with its unique narrative approach. Audrel takes us on an evolving journey, intensifying emotions at each step.

"I wanted to create a somewhat disorienting structure," explains Audrel. "It's a deliberate choice because it doesn't appeal to everyone, but it reflects the feeling of being dumped, lost, and confused." This approach perfectly mirrors the inner turmoil and confusion experienced during a breakup.

Written and arranged by Audrel herself, "Not One Day" benefits from the collaboration of very talented musicians, adding further depth to this musical universe. While blues is at the core of this single, Audrel is a true musical explorer, touching on various genres and eagerly anticipating the release of more content in the coming months.

In parallel, Audrel is currently working on several projects. As the lead singer of the band Horscase, she is preparing a pop rock EP. Additionally, she is involved in a trap/afrobeat EP in French, and another soul blues single in English. Beyond her personal projects, Audrel regularly sings covers in various Parisian venues, as well as gospel and backing vocals for other artists.

Raised on gospel, soul, and blues, Audrel also developed a strong taste for rock music. Inspired by her own reality or that of her loved ones, she liberates and expresses herself through her music, refusing to fit into a single box. Audrel touches on everything that interests her because, for her, music is universal.

With the release of "Not One Day," Audrel makes a notable entrance into the music world. Her unique approach and eclectic talent distinguish her as an artist to watch closely. By offering her services as a top liner in French, particularly for rap, R&B, or afrobeats, Audrel continues to demonstrate her versatility and boundless creativity.