Exploring the Musical Journey of Babalola Oriyomi "ConA'Stone"

 Fast-Rising Nigerian Rapper Chronicles His Journey from Jos to Lagos

Babalola Oriyomi, popularly known as ConA’Stone, a prominent figure in the Nigerian music scene, has recently unveiled his highly anticipated album, "Coming To Lagos". The release marks a significant milestone in ConA’Stone's career, reflecting his personal journey and musical evolution.

In "Coming To Lagos", ConA’Stone chronicles his transformative journey from the serene city of Jos to the bustling metropolis of Lagos. The rapper explains that this move was not merely a geographical shift but a significant turning point in his life and career. “I have always wanted to share my story with fans through my music,” ConA’Stone said, emphasizing the album’s role as a narrative vehicle for his experiences, challenges, and triumphs.

The creation of "Coming To Lagos" was an extensive process, with ConA’Stone investing considerable time and effort in and out of the studio. His dedication to his craft is evident in the album's production quality and lyrical depth. ConA’Stone, who is celebrated for his indigenous rap style and powerful lyrical prowess, has meticulously crafted each track to resonate with his audience.

"Coming To Lagos" is a 16-track album that showcases ConA’Stone's versatility and collaborative spirit. The album features contributions from various artists, including Yonda, Oberz, Quinax, Shanze, Jmeed, Ilesanmi, Easy B, and CJ, among others. These collaborations enrich the album, adding diverse musical elements and enhancing its overall appeal.

The album's production is a testament to ConA’Stone's commitment to excellence. Jmeed, who produced a significant portion of the tracks, played a crucial role in shaping the album's sound. Additionally, the album was mixed by Worth, ensuring a polished final product. Other talented producers such as Haske, Oxygen Jay, Groovey, DJ Melloshe, Olumix, Loard GaBriel, and Lah Lah also contributed to the album, each bringing their unique touch to the project.

Since its release, "Coming To Lagos" has been gaining traction on various music platforms, receiving widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike. ConA’Stone expressed his excitement about the album’s reception, noting that it has the potential to significantly advance his music career. “This new work is one that will change my music game and position me for greater opportunities,” he stated, highlighting the album’s role in his artistic journey.

ConA’Stone's "Coming To Lagos" is more than just an album; it is a narrative of ambition, resilience, and artistic growth. By documenting his journey from Jos to Lagos, ConA’Stone not only shares his personal story but also inspires his listeners to pursue their dreams relentlessly. As the album continues to make waves, it stands as a testament to ConA’Stone’s talent and his unwavering dedication to his craft.