Yello Poundkake: Pioneering Female Talent in Rap

In a captivating interview, Yello Poundkake, a rising star in the hip-hop scene, opens up about her journey, challenges, and aspirations. Reflecting on her decade-long career, she shares insights into her experiences as a female artist breaking barriers in a male-dominated industry.

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"Since 2008, I've been on this rap journey driven by a passion for storytelling through music," Yello Poundkake reveals. Despite facing obstacles, she remains steadfast, continuously honing her skills and refining her craft.

A pivotal moment in her career came with the opportunity to feature on Styles P from The Lox's new artist mixtape, "Ghost Bars," earning recognition and paving the way for further opportunities.

In 2021, Yello had a memorable encounter with rap titan Jadakiss, solidifying her rising stature in hip-hop circles. Her vision of success extends beyond conventional boundaries; she aims to leave an enduring legacy, inspiring authenticity and self-belief in aspiring artists.

As she prepares for the release of her highly anticipated album and gears up for a battle on July 6th, Yello remains focused on her artistic evolution. With determination and resilience, she pledges to continue pushing boundaries and inspiring others in the rap landscape.

Yello Poundkake's journey serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and passion in pursuing one's dreams, offering inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere.