Toyin Abraham Vows Retribution Against Bullies and Defamers

Nigerian actress Toyin Abraham has ignited a storm of controversy following her recent Instagram live session, where she passionately vowed to take action against those who have bullied and defamed her. "I am ready to die, but before I die, I'll make sure everybody who bullied and defamed me won't go scot-free," Abraham declared, showcasing her resolve to address the backlash she has faced.

The immediate catalyst for Abraham’s emotional outburst was her arrest of a critic known as Big Ayo, who allegedly insulted her family. This action has sparked a divisive reaction on social media, with many Nigerians criticizing the actress for her approach to handling criticism. Critics on X (formerly Twitter) have accused Abraham of defamation herself, challenging her to provide evidence that Ayo was paid to abuse her. Others mocked her recent Netflix movies and her handling of public scrutiny, reflecting the personal attacks that often accompany online celebrity controversies.


Some social media users questioned Abraham's decision to resort to arrest rather than pursuing a defamation lawsuit. "Hello @toyin_abraham1, you will have to send the police to pick all of us. You are very shameless," one user posted, alleging that Abraham had his mother detained. The user sarcastically encouraged her to send more police to arrest everyone, intensifying the criticism against her.

In her response, Abraham clarified her actions, emphasizing that while she can tolerate insults and name-calling, she draws the line at threats and lies about her family. "You can abuse and call me names; it’s fine, and as I said, I will accept and take it because I’m in the public eye. But cursing kids and lying is what I won’t accept," she stated. Abraham also clarified that she did not arrest the user's mother but merely reported a case of cybercrime. "I reported because the threats and curses on my family were beyond what I could tolerate."

The user further claimed that Toyin had his mother taken from her shop to the Panti police station, asking for divine judgment on her. Abraham responded, "Lying in my head comfortably now, the world won’t see this. If I react, they will say something else. I never arrested your mum. Your friend Ayo was arrested for bullying, cursing, and defaming my family, and your mum went there insisting she wouldn’t leave without him."

Another user, Uchenna, questioned why Toyin deleted some of her tweets. She explained that after resolving the issue with her accuser, there was no need to continue the public dispute. "I just deleted it because he has explained to me, and there is no need to beat around the bush. So what’s the big deal?"


Toyin Abraham’s bold stand against bullying and defamation brings to light the significant challenges public figures face in managing their reputations and personal boundaries in the age of social media. Her actions and the resulting backlash highlight the complex dynamics of celebrity, public perception, and the legal recourses available to individuals who feel wronged.

As Abraham navigates this turbulent period, her resolve to protect her family and her insistence on accountability reflect a broader struggle for dignity and respect in the public eye. Her vow to fight back against her bullies underscores the need for a more compassionate and respectful discourse, both online and offline.


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