Megan Thee Stallion ended her month-long break from the music scene and made her thunderous return with the raunchy “Thot Shit” yesterday, Friday (June 11). The NSFW video also dropped and quickly shot up to become the No. 1 trending video on YouTube.

  Megan Thee Stallion told fans she wanted to reclaim the words “thot and hoe” and she’s making men pay for their quips. The clip is centered around an older white man leaving a nasty YouTube comment shaming Meg on her “Body” video during his lunch break, but then he’s taught a lesson and will be sure to think twice about doing it again.


The man receives a warning call from the Houston Hottie and proceeds to ruin his day. He’s hit by a garbage truck and then everywhere he looks are twerking bottoms and women looking to punk him, whether it’s the diner, office, grocery store, or elevator. 

 Meg even pops up when he’s trying to take a bath, which spooks him into running in his underwear outside. He finally wakes up from what we believe to be a possible dream, but his mouth is sewn shut in the shape of a vag*na.


“Thot Shit” welcomes the return of Meg’s Tina Snow alter ego. DJ Khaled was blown away by the action-packed clip and warned fans of the creative genius that was to come on Thursday (June 10). It remains to be seen if this means a new project is around the corner from the “WAP” rapper.