Grimes seen reading Karl Marx following split with world’s richest man Elon Musk

Grimes, who recently "semi-separated" from Elon Musk – whom at the moment is worth $200 billion making him the world's richest man  — was spotted Friday in downtown Los Angeles flipping through Karl Marx's decidedly anti-capitalistic "Communist Manifesto" in her first public appearance since the split.

In the photos, Grimes — wearing a spacey brown and black outfit worthy of a martian cotillion appears enthralled by the German sociologist — who pushed, among other things, for the abolition of inherited wealth and 'bourgeois' property.

Video shows the progressive pop star blithely flipping through the complicated tome, as if she was leafing through the latest issue of Reader's Digest.

The pictures surfaced less than a week after the Tesla and SpaceX founder became the world's richest man, a spot he often flip flops with Jeff Bezos.

Grimes could use the book to make conversation with her ex, who once  described himself as a "socialist."

And Grimes is apparently no stranger to communism. She baffled her TikTok followers in June when she opined that  artificial intelligence is the "fastest path to communism."

Grimes recently broke up with the Tesla co-founder and CEO after three years of being together, although Musk told Page Six the two remain on "great terms" and "frequently" keep in touch.

The pair began to date in May 2018 before the birth of their son X Æ A-Xii Musk.